Online Live Audio Workshop -  Feb 28th

Online Live Audio Workshop - Feb 28th

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A 90 minute online workshop which focuses on practical skills to improve the sound quality at your next event/show/talk/assembly.

This workshop is best suited for people who are new to sound OR have been doing sound for some time but with no formal or mentor leadership and would like some pro-tips improve their skill & event sound.

workshop structure: February 28th 2020 3:30 - 5pm EST

Pre-workshop survey emailed - less than 5 minutes and helps us tailor our conversations.

Start of workshop Intro

2 fast tips for speaker set up for best coverage

3 practical steps for mic placement to get high quality sound input with minimal feedback.

4 console set up techniques to reduce the chances of feedback, improve intelligibility and make operation easier

Review of some items that can be useful to improve your set up, system & skills. Don't worry these are truly our recommendations and not an affiliate sales pitch...

Q&A - we will finish up with a few minutes of questions